Sealers & Maintenance

In order to maintain its durability, concrete requires regular maintenance, including annual sealing.

At Westland Concrete, we provide products for concrete maintenance. We carry a variety of sealers to help you protect your investment. We arm our customers with information and advice on maintenance products for their concrete surfaces, empowering them to make the most effective maintenance choices. Some of our options include:

Same-day sealer (concrete densifier)

This is applied while the concrete is curing to improve durability and surface finish.

Grip powder

As concrete can be slippery once it's been sealed, grip powder is a sealer additive that gives the concrete a sandpaper-like finish once it's cured.

High gloss and matte finishes

Depending on your design preference, we offer high-gloss and matte sealer finishes. For wet areas, or where slipping is a concern, we recommend a matte sealer for more grip.

Water soluble

With a lower EPA content, sealers that are water soluble are an environmentally-friendly option over non-water soluble sealers. They're also easier to clean up than conventional sealers.

We mix all of our concretes to meet specific needs, so maintenance requirements will vary. For more information on concrete maintenance products, please contact us.

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